Established in 1997, Jinan is a large Filler Metal Manufacturer and Exporter in China that has constantly proven itself as the best value in filler metal industry. Main products including silver brazing alloys, cadmium free alloys, standard cadmium bearing alloys, copper-phosphorus alloys (with and without silver), brass rods for welding and its brazing alloys in various forms, including wire, rod, flat, square, rings, sheet. They are widely used in refrigeration industry, electric motor, appliance, ship-making, ornament-making industries. On the other hand, we also have some sister factories supply copper tube, air-conditioner parts, welding/cutting equipment and industry safety products.

  In past several years, we have exported our products to Japan, USA, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Israel, Dubai, Spain and got high reputation for excellent quality products, on time delivery & competitive pricing.

  Welcome all kinds of processing of production according to customer's request, samples and brand.